CMITE Mobile App

Download the CMITE Mobile App

Please be sure to download our mobile app, which will have total event information on hand at all times, including agenda and profiles.

If you already have the GMITE/CMITE app from our previous GMITE event, please delete app from your phone and download it again to ensure it works properly.

Note: There will be no printed event directory for sustainability purposes so please download the app.

  • Scan the QR code to download the app.
  • Enter the email address you used to register for the event.
  • Use your registered first name + last initial, to access your account for the first time. (if you registered as Robert Smith, use RobertS).
  • Create a password and click Sign Up.
  • You're in! Feel free to start exploring and connecting with people at the event.

IMPORTANT: This app will not be used for your 1:1 appointments. You will receive your final PRINTED appointment schedule on site at the event. 


Download Your Connections from CMITE:

To download the data of all connections you met at CMITE, you must set up an app TEAMS portal (instructions), and you must connect within the mobile app first. Simply click on the Suppliers or Buyers icon on the app dashboard, find the person you want to connect with, click on that person’s profile, and click "Show Interest." Once that person accepts your invitation, his/her/their profile will go into your TEAMS portal and be available for download into a csv file.



  • If TEAMS is created after the connections are made, they will not show up in the downloads 
  • Contacts must accept your connection in order to receive their contact information in your TEAMS portal. We recommend you start connecting right away so your file is full by time you return home.

INSTRUCTIONS to set up your app TEAMS PORTAL and download the CSV file can be found HERE.


Don't miss out on vital connections from CMITE. Download the app and start your TEAMS portal to save a file of all contacts you make.